Monday, December 27, 2010

Will The Vikings Play Outside In 2011?

There have been various reports from sources such as ESPN & Twin Cities News Stations that say the Mn Vikings may be playing outdoors in TCF Bank Stadium for the 2011 season.  With the Metrodome (Mall Of America Field) lease ending in 2011 and without a viable new stadium plan, fans in the Twin Cities have been talking about this possibility all year (with mixed opinions).  Mn Vikings fans are excited about the opportunity to play in the new TCF Bank Stadium outdoor facility, but at the same time have many concerns.

TCF Bank Stadium Pros: New facility in the heart of the University Of Minnesota Campus with excellent site lines from all seats. 

TCF Bank Stadium Cons:  Most common quibble among fans is with TCF being an alcohol free stadium.  What would a Vikes game be like without a nice plastic bottle of suds?  Other fan comments are that the size of the TCF Stadium being too small and designed for a college football experience, not an NFL Football game.    Another gripe is that Parking at the stadium is minimal and many fans are forced to take shuttles to and from their parking lots.  I can remember parking anywhere from 5 - 10 blocks from the dome and it didn't bother me too much.       

Bottom Line:  Sounds like the Mn Vikings Fans think TCF Bank Stadium is an excellent (second) option to the Vikings playing in their very own first rate NFL Football Stadium.

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