Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who Are The Vikings Going To Draft With The 12th Pick?

The Minnesota Vikings have the 12th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.  With a disappointing 2010 season record of 6-10 the Vikes have many... many holes to fill.  The Vikings filled arguably their biggest hole by getting rid of Childress and replacing him with Leslie Frazier.  So what direction should the Vikes go? 

The Brett Favre era ends ( actually refers to 2009 to present the "Brett Favre Era") but the Vikings do have this (young) guy named Joe Webb....  Draft a QB?
Our offensive line was horrible and Favre got his ass kicked as bad as any QB in the league this year.  If we do keep Joe Webb at QB he is going to need all the time in the world back there to figure out what is going on... Draft an O-Lineman?

Our defensive line was terrible and the fact that Ray Edwards and Pat Williams probably won't be back next year, The Vikings D-Line personel decisions are a top priority... Draft a D-Lineman?

A first round draft choice in the top 15 picks is a decision that warrants careful consideration and has the potential to benefit a franchise for years to come.  I guess so does a 3rd round draft pick... right Brad Childress?  

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