Thursday, February 10, 2011

Metrodome Roof To Be Replaced

Its has been two months since the Metrodome roof collapsed from an overload of snow, ice and wind.  Today the Metropolitan Sports Facility Commission decided that they would take the recommendations from Engineers, who completed over 900 tests, and replace the entire roof of the Metrodome.  Another less expensive and less time consuming "patching" option was considered, but the Engineers assesment was that the entire roof needed to be replaced.  

The Engineers reports concluded that 60% of the Metrodome roof pannels were questionable and each pannel would need to be replaced because if one pannel fails, the entire roof will come down.  The new roof will reportatly cost about $19 million and the bidding for the job will start immediatly.  Construction on the new roof is planned to start in March and be completed by August 11, 2011.  This way the Vikings can play their pre-season football games in the Dome.  With this plan in place Vikings fans can feel more relaxed about buying their Minnesota Vikings Tickets, at least for 2011.

MINNESOTA VIKINGS REACTION:  ".. Is Not A Long Term Stadium Solution And Does Not Change The Urgency To Build A New Mult-Purpose Stadium For The State And The Vikings."  (Per FOX 9 News)

More On The Metrodome Roof Story, With Videos, From Fox 9

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