Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Christian Ponder Review

112(12)Christian PonderQBFlorida State
What he brings: Ponder has had problems staying healthy and there are concerns about his durability going forward, but he has had the opportunity to show his toughness and there is a lot to like about his willingness to play through pain. He doesn't have the strongest arm and will have some trouble driving the ball downfield, but he does an excellent job of anticipating and delivering the ball in stride on short-to-intermediate routes. He is also light on his feet and can buy time within the pocket.
Video analysis: Todd McShay Video
How he fits: One of the big questions regarding the Vikings was whether they would go the veteran QB route or bite the bullet and start over with a rookie -- and we still don't know the answer, despite this pick. Right now, with Tarvaris Jackson and Brett Favre gone and Joe Webb unproven this is an offense that simply can't line up at QB. Is Ponder the immediate answer? Will the Vikings still go out and try to get a veteran to bridge the gap? Bill Musgrave is the new coordinator and he will run a West Coast offense that emphasizes the run with Adrian Peterson and his philosophy will emphasize rollouts, bootlegs, half reads and play-action -- all things Ponder can do well.  ....................... Review Per

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